At Shrinivas Institute of Paramedical Sciences, we believe that top-notch facilities are integral to nurturing competent and skilled paramedical professionals, and we are proud to offer a multitude of resources that empower our students to thrive. Hence, we are dedicated to providing our aspirants with the necessary resources to excel in their education and future careers. From cutting-edge laboratories to a comprehensive library and advanced simulation facilities, we ensure that our students have access to state-of-the-art amenities. Moreover, we offer dedicated career development support to guide our students toward successful professional paths.

Student's Mess

We have a designated dining area or cafeteria where meals are provided for the students. Our student mess ensures that students have access to nutritious and hygienic meals during their time at the institute. It serves as a convenient and comfortable space for students to have their meals, fostering a sense of community and promoting social interactions among the students.

Girls and Boys Hostel

We also have residential facilities to accommodate students who are from out of town or require accommodation near the campus. Girls' and boys' hostels are separate residential spaces provided for female and male students, respectively. We have shared living spaces such as dormitory-style rooms or individual rooms, along with common facilities like bathrooms, study areas, and recreation rooms. We promote a safe and convenient living environment for students, promoting a sense of camaraderie and providing a supportive community away from home.

SIPS Girls Hostel
SIPS Boys Hostel

Indoor and Outdoor Sports

At Shrinivas Institute of Paramedical Sciences, we understand the importance of physical fitness and overall well-being. To promote a healthy and active lifestyle, we provide ample opportunities for students to engage in both indoor and outdoor sports activities. Our campus features dedicated spaces and facilities for various sports, allowing students to participate in games like basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, and more. These activities not only help in physical fitness but also foster team spirit and a sense of camaraderie among students.

Indoor games SIPS, Hazaribagh
Outdoor games SIPS, Hazaribagh


We recognize the significance of maintaining good physical health and fitness. To cater to this need, our institute offers a well-equipped multi-gym facility. Students have access to a range of fitness equipment and machines, allowing them to engage in regular workouts and exercise routines. The multigym promotes a healthy lifestyle by providing a convenient space for students to stay fit and active.


Ragging Free Zone

We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive learning environment for all our students. Srinivas Institute of Paramedical Sciences strictly adheres to a zero-tolerance policy towards ragging. Our campus is a ragging-free zone, ensuring that students can pursue their studies without any fear or intimidation. We have established robust anti-ragging measures and mechanisms to create a harmonious atmosphere that promotes respect, equality, and a sense of security among students.

Ragging Free SIPS
Ragging Free SIPS

Plastic Free Zone

Environmental sustainability is a core value at our institute. We are dedicated to reducing our ecological footprint and promoting responsible practices. Srinivas Institute of Paramedical Sciences has taken proactive steps to create a plastic-free zone on our campus. We actively discourage the use of single-use plastics and encourage the adoption of eco-friendly alternatives. By promoting awareness and providing suitable alternatives, we aim to contribute to a greener and cleaner environment.

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